Selena Gómez faces backlash for flaunting romance with Benny Blanco


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Selena Gómez has been facing criticism from her fans after she posted photos on Instagram Stories of her hugging the famous American producer Benny Blanco. Many fans were not happy about this announcement, especially because Blanco had criticized Gómez in 2020. This criticism dates back to when Gómez collaborated with Blanco, Tainy, and J Balvin on the song “I Can’t Get Enough,” while Blanco also worked with Gómez’s former romantic partner, Justin Bieber, on “Lonely.” After the release of Bieber’s album “Intentions,” Blanco wrote a post on Instagram criticizing pop artists who release singles and promote their makeup lines. This led to severe questioning of Gómez’s announcement by a fanpage dedicated to her work. Gómez responded by leaving Instagram until she had something new to work on, defending her beliefs and her relationship with Blanco.

Gómez’s Mexican fans, who have been faithful to her due to her ancestry, were particularly critical of her new romance, mentioning that she has not learned from past experiences with boys who treated her badly. Gómez was also seen with Taylor Swift in New York, which generated debate and memes among fans. However, it is important to remember that the basis of human relationships is respect, and respecting the decisions of others should be a role model. Despite the criticism, Gómez has defended her relationship with Blanco, stating that he has been the best person she has ever dated. She has posted photos on Instagram Stories with a ring, indicating that things are serious between them. Gómez’s fans, especially her Mexican fans, have not been supportive of this new relationship, but Gómez remains firm in her decision to defend Blanco and their relationship.

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