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Selectivity exams resolved to practice

The time is drawing near when the students of Baccalaureate they will have to face the tests EBAU, which are those that serve to examine the knowledge of the students and that allow access to the universidad. Some tests that generate some stress among the students, since despite having studied, many times they do not know what they are going to face, so we want to explain now what they consist of, how they are developed and also, offer you Selectivity exams resolved to practice.

Solved Selectivity Exams

if you’re looking for Selectivity exams resolved to practice you have many possibilities to find them. In fact, it is enough to browse the internet a little to find web portals dedicated to students who do not hesitate to have tests and exams posted of calls for university access in previous years.

However, you should keep in mind that the exams change every year, so you may find some from many years ago and in reality, they will not help you at all. We recommend you find exams that came out last year or at most in 2021 or 2020 and with them you can practice well. Also, we We are going to leave you some of those pages where you have the exams, but first we want to explain what these exams consist of or in fact, what can come out in each of them and specifically, those of the mandatory phase Which is the one that worries the students the most.

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This is the Selectivity exams

The compulsory phase of the Selectividad consists of 4 exams and develops as follows:

  • Spanish language and literature: It is usually a text comment from two or three options that are given. In addition, you may have to answer several related questions.
  • Foreign language: It is usually a translation of a text and you will also have to answer questions and complete sentences from a text.
  • History of Spain: Develop a topic from several options and also answer a series of questions.
  • Subject to choose from your bachelor modality

Furthermore, in those communities that have a co-official languagethere is also an exam on that language that usually consists, as in the case of the Spanish language, of a text commentary.

The best portals to find Selectivity exams

If you want to practice with Selectivity exams already resolved, we have made a selection of those portals where you will surely find Selectivity exams resolved that will help you to practice.

  • ExámenesdePAU.com: On this other page you have an infinite number of EBAU, EvAU and selectivity exam models. You can search by subject or Autonomous Community and you can even find the selectivity exams from 20 years ago.
  • Solved Exams: Page of the study center Luis Vives, which allows you to consult the tests of the selectivity calls of previous years. Specifically, you can consult and download the exams from the year 2015, although only those of the Community of Madrid and not of the rest of the Communities.
  • EducaciónGratuita.es: In this portal they explain what the selectivity exams are like but they also have a section called “Solved Exams” where you can download the exams by subject or by community.
  • Many exams.com: On this website you can download the already completed exams of the EBAU tests as well as those that are exams for people over 45 years of age, over 25 years of age or access tests to FP cycles. You can download PDF models of the exams by subject or community.
  • Uc3M: This is the website of the Carlos III University of Madrid, which has a section called “access tests” where you will find different models of exams already completed from previous years’ selectivity calls.
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Where to get notes

Apart from those websites, Also take note of these to be able to download notes. Sure you have yours but these two portals have a lot of information and they are a real solution if you are missing notes on any subject:

  • Wuolah: In this portal you can find notes or upload your own and if you are one of the best students they can even pay you for your notes. To find those that have to do with selectivity you must go to the section
    “EvAU”. You have notes by subjects and even by your autonomous community.
  • StuDoc: In this portal they have a lot of information and documents for students who are preparing for the selectivity. In fact, you have an interesting section with notes and summaries called “Bachillerato” where you have more than 5,500 total documents.
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Selectivity pilot exams

In addition to the portals, you can also see a pilot test carried out by the Ministry of Education and which was held last March.

Said test or essay was carried out in 50 educational centers of 10 autonomous communities, Ceuta and Melilla to see if the EBAU exams for 2024 are well designed. With this, we wanted to check if the students understood the statements well and if the time was sufficient.

Click here to access that pilot testwith several exams that can be useful for you to practice.

Finally, remember that the PAU or EvAU are carried out in a first call in June and then there is a second one in July (in Catalonia it is in September) in case you want to raise your grade or for those students who could not attend the one in June. Now it’s just a matter of download the tests that are of interest to you and start practicing with them.

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