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Seeking Access to Official Polls Regarding the Broad Front

Title: Senator Beatriz Paredes Insists on Transparency in Broad Front Candidate Selection

In the process of selecting a for the Broad Front, Senator Beatriz Paredes has refused to back down on her demand for transparency. Despite the national leader of the PRI, Alito Moreno, suggesting a possible decline in favor of Xóchitl Gálvez, Paredes remains committed to basing her decision on the actual polls conducted by the Organizing Committee.

Paredes emphasizes that she will not make any regarding her candidacy until she sees the results of the approved polls. She believes that these polls, ordered by the Organizing Committee, are the only valid source of information that should influence the definition of the Front’s coordination.

However, Alito Moreno seems to be pushing for Gálvez to be considered as the presidential candidate for the Broad Front. He has stated that the polls do not favor Paredes, indicating his inclination towards Gálvez. This move has raised concerns about transparency in the candidate selection process, as Alito appears to be disregarding the importance of the citizen consultation that is scheduled to take place on 3rd. The citizen consultation is expected to have a significant on the final decision, with 50% of the value assigned to it.

Despite Alito’s premature of Gálvez, Paredes reminds him and her supporters that the polls conducted by the Organizing Committee are still ongoing. These polls, which began on August 27th and are set to conclude on August 30th, hold substantial weight in the final process. Paredes questions the validity of the “polls” that Alito claims to have seen, as they contradict the official opinion studies that are halfway completed.

In her statement, Paredes acknowledges that the PRI may consider other factors in selecting their candidate. While she respects her party’s leadership, Paredes emphasizes the importance of transparency and the need to prioritize the interests of the Broad Front.

The ongoing between Paredes and Alito highlights the challenges within the PRI in ensuring a fair and transparent selection process. As the controversy unfolds, it remains to be seen whether the PRI will prioritize the citizen consultation and adhere to the results of the official polls or favor other considerations in their decision-making process.

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