Season 2 of ‘The Peacemaker’ – What’s Next After DC Changes?

What will happen to Season 2 of The Peacemaker after all the changes made in DC?

Fans of The Peacemaker can breathe a sigh of relief as James Gunn has confirmed that the show’s second season is still on the way. Gunn took to Twitter to answer a fan’s query about the show’s fate, reassuring them that he had only “postponed” the second season while he worked on other projects. This is due to the release of Superman: Legacy, the movie that will kick off the new DCEU, and the Waller series starring Amanda Waller.

The first season of The Peacemaker, written and directed by Gunn and starring John Cena as Christopher “Chris” Smith, is currently available on HBO Max. While there is no set date for the release of the second season, the show has already won praise from critics for its unique tone and character development.

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Though fans may have had to wait a bit longer for the second season of The Peacemaker, Gunn’s confirmation that it is still on the way is sure to be welcome news. With the release of Superman: Legacy and the Waller series, the future of The Peacemaker looks bright.


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