Savannah Guthrie’s absence leads to fan-favorite replacement on today’s show


Savannah Guthrie Goes Missing from Today Show

Savannah Guthrie was absent from the Today Show on Friday, most likely to start her Memorial Day Weekend early. Instead, Hoda Kotb sat behind the desk with Craig Melvin. Typically, Craig joins the women about 30 minutes into the show. On Friday, that position went to Sheinelle Jones.

Savannah posted a photo to her Instagram story on Thursday night, indicating that she is currently traveling. She reposted someone from Twitter, tweeting: “You can tell a lot about a person by whether or not they check a bag at the airport for a three-day weekend.” The Today host captioned it: “Guilty as charged,” and then put a poll on the bottom asking others if they do it too. It is not clear where Savannah is going and if she will be back on the show on Monday or not.

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Savannah’s Previous Appearance on Today Show

Before jetting off to her vacation, Savannah appeared on the show on Thursday to make a special announcement. During Thursday’s Today episode, Savannah sent her congratulations via live television to NBC correspondent Morgan Chesky for becoming a first-time dad.

Sheinelle Jones’ Surprise Exit from the Show

Savannah isn’t the only one who left without a warning. Sheinelle rushed off the Today show set on Thursday without warning. The 45-year-old TV personality revealed the surprising reason for her exit after later resurfacing on the show following multiple missed segments.


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