Sargeant’s Five Kilo Gain for Second Year with Williams


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Logan Sargeant is looking to improve his performance in his second year in F1 after only managing one point last year and finishing 21st in the overall driver classification. His garage neighbor, Alex Albon, offered a superior performance, finishing 13th in the contest with 27 points. Thanks to Sargeant’s contribution, Williams took over 7th position in the Constructors’ Championship.

This year, Sargeant has taken the preseason very seriously and will appear in Bahrain in great shape, having gained more muscle mass. This detail has attracted a lot of attention at the launch of the Grove group, as it is uncommon for a driver to confess that he weighs five kilos more. Photos shared by Sargeant show that he has gained muscle mass by doing pull-ups.

Sargeant has emphasized that he took his time during the preseason to analyze himself from a mental and physical point of view, focusing on where he needed to improve. He feels more prepared than ever to take the step he knows he can take. He has learned to control himself much better and has done everything possible to get ready, including gaining five kilos in muscle mass.

When Alex Albon was questioned about Sargeant’s weight gain, he noted that Sargeant can afford to put on those five kilos as he is shorter, whereas for him, gaining that weight would make him overweight. Sargeant’s weight gain will help him be more competitive and overcome physical slumps, as he suffered from brutal dehydration and needed help from his mechanics during the Qatar Grand Prix last year.

The F1 calendar is extremely demanding, and physical preparation is essential to get the greatest possible return. Sargeant’s increased muscle mass will help him endure the physical demands of the sport and improve his performance on the track.

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