Santa Cruz, Bolivia Recalls Threat to Remove President Luis Arce

Thousands of Bolivian Opposition Demand Release of Imprisoned Politician & Possible Revocation of President Arce’s Mandate

Thousands of opposition people from the Bolivian city of Santa Cruz demanded this Wednesday (01.25.2023) that the leftist president Luis Arce free the imprisoned politician, Governor Luis Fernando Camacho, and other individuals and risk losing his mandate if he does not comply.

The main opposition groups held a council in the town hall of a square in the city of Santa Cruz to approve the suggested proposals. One of the propositions made by RĂ³mulo Calvo, president of the Civic Committee, was to demand that Arce make an amnesty law to release the political prisoners within 30 days. This was responded to with a thunderous “yes”. Then, Calvo proposed to promote a process to revoke the President Arce’s mandate if the government did not accept this. Again, this was responded to with an affirmative response.

Governor Camacho was arrested at the end of December 2022 for accusations of being the ringleader of a so-called “coup” that happened in 2019 and the opposition also claims that there 180 people, including civilians, police and military, detained under similar accusations against former President Evo Morales.

The council further asked the regional Assembly to pass a law to construct a Departmental Guard, to replace the current Police, which they allege is in the control of the Executive branch.

Following the public assembly,civilians and police officers had sporadic clashes near the department’s police station, but injuries were avoided. Other cities of the country, also conducted councils with the same demands of defense of democracy, reform of the Justice, and freedom for “political prisoners”.

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