Sandra Oh’s Dramatic Physical Transformation After Grey’s Anatomy Departure

Grey’s Anatomy fans continue to ask Sandra Oh to return to the ABC medical drama almost a decade after her departure, Sandra Oh having left behind her beloved character Cristina Yang in season 10. After her spell on the show, she starred as Eve Polastri in the hugely successful Killing Eve programme, and is now back on social media with a totally different look.

The star, who was a mere 34 when she started the show, is now facing the visible signs of age, although still radiantly beautiful, as shown by an image she recently posted on her social media channel.

Even after leaving the show, Sandra Oh remembers her time as Cristina Yang was one of the best and most difficult challenges of her career. Since then, she has successfully pursued a wide range of roles, yet Grey’s Anatomy fans remain hopeful for her return with the departure of Ellen Pompeo’s leading role.

Sandra Oh found immense success in her portrayal of the highly intelligent, arrogant and ambitious Cristina Yang and made a lasting impression on the show. Her complex character was one of Grey’s Anatomy’s most developed roles, achieving an impressive narrative arc in nine seasons.

Fans of the much-loved show hope they can see her return onboard in the near future, and are certainly eager to catch up with the star and find out how she’s been all these years.

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