San Diego Declared State of Emergency by California Governor


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California Governor Gavin Newsom has declared a state of emergency in San Diego, seeking to speed up the recovery from heavy rains left behind by a storm on Monday. The state Office of Emergency Services will offer help to the local governments of San Diego and Ventura County, where several neighborhoods were impacted by the intense rains.

According to the National Weather Service, some areas in San Diego accumulated over 4 inches of rain in just one hour. Residents of areas such as Mountain View, Shelltown, and Southcrest had to deal with flooding, causing chaos on the roads. Multiple lanes were temporarily underwater, leading to 35 reported accidents. San Diego County Mayor Todd Gloria issued the emergency declaration on Monday, asking non-residents to avoid visiting the affected areas until the damages are well-documented.

“The water came in as if it were the sea,” said Juana Arredondo, whose house was almost uninhabitable after the flooding. Traffic accidents were inevitable in San Diego on Monday, with cars left underwater and drivers losing control due to the wet pavement. Neighbors collaborated to remove slippery mud from the roads, and some cars were pushed by the water currents.

In the midst of the chaos, the postman Felipe Estrada delivered the mail without putting his life at risk. The storm caused extensive damage to homes, leaving residents to deal with the aftermath.

The state of emergency seeks to expedite the recovery process and provide assistance to those affected by the heavy rains. It is important for residents to exercise caution and avoid visiting the affected areas until the damages are well-documented. The community is coming together to support each other and recover from the impact of the storm.

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