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At Indie Hoy, we love discovering new music. Every day, we get a lot of new releases, share recommendations, and explore different types of music. Each week, we share the albums and songs that we love and that have caught our attention. We invite you to join us in discovering new music.

This week, we have new releases from Axel Fiks, Camila Moreno, Galean with Cechi De Marcos, Juan Baro, Marban, Mhtresuno, No Me Toques, Pizza, Sakatumba, and Yung Prado. You can listen to our weekly selection of new music on our Spotify playlist.

Axel Fiks is back with “Fiksión”, the first single of his new era. The Argentine musician describes the song as being about the feeling of falling in love and the beautiful moments that come with it. The song is accompanied by a video inspired by the films of Stanley Kubrick and the paintings of Edward Hopper, directed by Loli Laboureau.

Camila Moreno surprised her fans with an acoustic version of “Hablando a tu corazón” by Charly García. She focused on the intimacy and vulnerability of the lyrics, creating a touching tribute to the Argentine star.

“The Morning” is the first preview of Galean’s new album, “On the other side of the stained glass window”. In this collaboration with Chechi De Marcos, the Argentine singer-songwriter fuses alternative pop, psychedelia, national rock, and electronics, marking a new phase in his musical universe.

Juan Baro, from La Plata, released “Crystal City”, an electrifying single that expands his aesthetic horizons. The song has a more techno approach than his previous releases, without diminishing the powerful emotion that characterizes his music.

Marban, from the Spanish town of Getxo, explores post-punk in his new song “Catafalco”. The song addresses the fantasy of a shared funeral and stands out for its emotional and careful poetic universe, fusing roots in mythology and philosophy.

Mhtresuno presented his debut album titled “De la villa pal mundo”. With 23 tracks full of collaborators, the Argentine artist tells a story of improvement and a total declaration of intentions, covering Latin American genres, from dembow to sentimental corridos.

The punk quartet No Me Toques released “Police”, a song that serves as a direct denunciation against the abuse of authority and oppression. With a raw and forceful sound, “Policía” becomes an anthem of resistance and protest.

Pizza’s debut single, “Fear or Love”, condenses the schizophrenic experience of their shows, being a mixture of rage, neurosis, and elements typical of cities like Buenos Aires, London, and New York.

Sakatumba released a double release: “Habla sola” and “Nada más”. These songs show the reasons why they earned a place as one of the most incendiary proposals of the new wave of the national underground.

Barcelona producer Yung Pradito shared his album titled “Yung Pradito”. The eleven tracks that make up this vibrant repertoire invite you to break up the dance floor through a fusion of electronic sounds that encompasses flashes of house, techno, and acid. After conquering his audience with Club Boy (2023), the member of the Mainline collective reaffirms his commitment to creative freedom by challenging pre-existing labels and trends in the current music scene.

We hope you enjoy our weekly selection of new music and discover some new favorites. Join us in exploring the diverse and exciting world of music.

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