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Sabine Moussier’s Emotional Performance in Forgive Our Sins Leaves Her Wanting to Quit – See the Heartfelt Scene

Sabine Moussier’s Emotional Performance in Forgive Our Sins Leaves Her Wanting to Quit – See the Heartfelt Scene

Sabine Moussier, a well-known soap opera star, has been facing significant challenges on the recording sets of her most recent project, the soap opera Forgive Our Sins. In this melodrama by Lucero Suárez, Moussier plays the role of Ángela, who bears a grudge against her husband and has an affair with the husband of her close friend, Estela. Compared to her past roles, Moussier finds this role to be more challenging and emotionally draining.

In an interview with Mezcal Entertainment, Moussier revealed that she has to repeat her scenes several times in this production, which is unlike other productions that allow her to add her own touch to her character. This has made her feel uncomfortable, and there were times where she even cried after filming scenes. She even attempted to resign from the show, but the production refused to let her go, citing the commitment she made to the show.

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Despite the challenges, Moussier sees a personal lesson in the midst of these difficulties. It has taught her to love and value herself more and not take all comments from others to heart. The 55-year-old actress, born in Leverkusen, Germany, has had a long and successful career in the entertainment industry. In 1996, she began her artistic career, and two years later, she landed her first role in the telenovela El privilegio de amar, where she played the role of Lorenza Torres.

Moussier has also shared her motherhood journey with her fans. She has two children, Camila and Paulo. She kept her children out of the spotlight for some time, but in recent years, she has shared some photos of them on social media. Camila was born in 2003, and her followers believe that she looks identical to her mother. In October 2019, Moussier shared a photo of her and Camila on their first red carpet together, and she expressed how proud she was to have her daughter by her side.

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Paulo came into Moussier’s life in 2006, and even though he maintains a more distant profile from the cameras, he sometimes appears on his mother’s Instagram page. In 2020, Moussier shared a photo of her and her children with their grandfather, and her followers noticed that Paulo inherited his mother’s eyes.

Despite the challenges on the set, Moussier remains a well-known soap opera star, remembered by her followers for playing the beautiful villain. She continues to share her personal life with her fans, allowing them to see a glimpse of her motherhood journey.



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