Russian Patriarch Blames ‘False Values’ for Youth Migration

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Church Patriarch Says Rumored Military Draft Driving Exodus From Russia

The Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, Kirill, has suggested that years of false values imposed from abroad have contributed to men of military age fleeing Russia amid rumors of a partial mobilization.

Speaking before the Russian Duma, Kirill admitted that many Russians were leaving the country in direct response to fears of the draft, but also that the causes were complex.

He called for “common sense and patriotism” from both young people and the entire Russian population, suggesting that education systems need to be rethought.

Since the start of the fighting in Ukraine in February 2022, hundreds of thousands of Russians have left, mainly for Kazakhstan, Finland, Georgia or Armenia.

The Church Patriarch said that it’s the duty of every Christian warrior to defend the Fatherland with honesty, and that neither side of the conflict should “be interested in continuing this internal war”.

The Russian government is considering retaliatory measures against those who have evaded the draft.

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