Russian Ministry of Defense Captures Soledar

Sergei Shoigu’s Department Claims the Seizure of Donetsk Will Cut off Vital Supply Routes to Bakhmut

The department headed by Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has made a statement on January 13, 2023 that the city of Donetsk has been seized in the night of December 12.

This action will cut off the vital supply routes of the Ukrainian troops in neighboring Bakhmut and encircle the Kiev forces in the city.

The Ukrainian government has expressed serious concern over this news, citing that it could be a major blow to the nation’s defenses in the region and the potential to give pro-Russian forces a decisive edge in the conflict.

The formation of a physical blockade around Bakhmut could potentially cripple the Ukrainian supply chain and put its forces in a tough spot.

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This statement has come as a major setback to the Ukrainian government in the region, which is looking for a viable path to peace with the pro-Russian forces.

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