Russian Forces in Zaporizhia to Maintain ‘Effective’ Advance

Russia & Ukraine at a Stalemate as Russian Advance in Zaporizhia Region Proceeds

The acting head of Russian-annexed Zaporizhia region in Ukraine, Yevgueni Balitski, has commented on the military standoff between Russia and Ukraine, asserting that the Russian advance in the region is proceeding slowly but effectively, resulting in far fewer casualties for the Russian army than for Ukraine.

Last week, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported that the forces taking part in their military campaign in Ukraine were continuing their “successful offensive actions” in Donbas and in Zaporizhia region, causing 300 Ukrainian fatalities, as well as raising Ukrainian defenses in the area to prevent transfer of reinforcements to the Donbas front.

In response, Balitski made the assertion on Telegram that “the advance is not fast, but it is effective. That is why the enemy loses more men.” He then added that “the situation on the Zaporizhia front is changing slowly, but it is changing in the right direction.”

The Zaporizhia region, home to Europe’s largest nuclear power plant, was annexed by Moscow back in September 2022, but remains only partially controlled by the Russians. Kyiv denies Russian advances in the region, but have admitted to the enemy’s intensified actions in that direction.

With no signs of either side yielding, the status quo in the region remains as both Russia and Ukraine continue to battle in an ever-changing stalemate.

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