Russian Cinemas Screen “Avatar 2” Without License

**”Avatar 2″ Shown Without License in Russian Cinemas; “Cheburashka” Outearns American Film in Revenue**

In a surprise move, the sequel to James Cameron’s “Avatar” began showing in Russian cinemas despite not having the official license from the Ministry of Culture. This was reported today by the Russian press, as major American movie studios had given up the Russian market back in March 2022 due to the military conflict in Ukraine.

According to “Vedomosti”, “Avatar 2” has been included in the schedules of hundreds of cinemas around the country regardless. Showing films without the necessary licensing can incur a fine of up to 200,000 rubles (around $14,000).

The Ministry of Culture is reportedly looking to combat this practice, as it can put them in a very critical position in society. Last year, numerous cinemas were already fined for showing films like “Doctor Strange 2” and “Jurassic World: Dominion” without a license.

Today, the Russian feature film “Cheburashka” has already surpassed “Avatar 2” in revenue, earning 3.52 million rubles (around $240 million). That hasn’t stopped Russian cinemas from continuing to show unauthorized American films, as they often have a wider public appeal than local content.

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