Russian Anti-Aircraft Defense Downs Eight Drones Near Sevastopol Port

Seven Drones Shot Down in Latest Drone Attack on Sevastopol

Mikhail Razvozhaev, city governor of Sevastopol, reported Monday 11:49 that seven drones had been shot down by joint forces of the anti-aircraft defense and Black Sea Fleet in an attack earlier that day.

Razvozhaev had previously reported the shooting down of another drone last night. All devices had fallen into the sea and no damage was done to the city.

He denied any explosions in the city and rejected Ukrainian attempts to present the failed attack as a victory. “In the hero city everything is calm,” he assured.

Sevastopol holds a Soviet-time distinction and is home to the Russian Black Sea Fleet and has been targeted by several drone attacks since the start of the country’s military campaign in Ukraine.

The largest of these came on October 29, with the use of aerial and surface drones causing neither damage nor casualties. Russian authorities accused Ukraine of using a maritime corridor to export grain.

Russia has now suspended the navigation agreement the corridor allowed for three days.

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