Russia Warns Sending Arms to Kyiv Could Lead to ‘Global Catastrophe’

Russian Duma (Chamber of Deputies) Warns of “Global Catastrophe” if Weapons are Supplied to Ukraine

Viacheslav Volodin, president of the Russian State Duma, has warned of a “global catastrophe” if attack weapons are supplied to Ukraine.

In a statement made on his Telegram channel, Volodin warned that if weapons are supplied to be used to attack Russian cities and territories, “there will be response measures using more powerful weapons.” The Duma leader urged US and European lawmakers to “become aware of their responsibility before humanity” and accused Washington and Brussels of “leading the world into a terrible war.”

Volodin also stated that given Russia’s technological superiority, delivery of offensive weapons to Ukraine may in turn cause a “world-wide tragedy that will destroy their countries”. According to Moscow’s military doctrine, it reserves the right to use nuclear weapons in the event that its security or territorial integrity is threatened.

It is evident that this warning should not be taken lightly and, should it be taken as it was intended, both sides must seek a solution in order to prevent any unnecessary and potentially catastrophic consequences.

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