Russia to Reorganize Armed Forces Over Four Years

Russian President Putin increases military personnel to 1.5 million for improved military security

Russian President Vladimir Putin has declared to increase the number of the Armed Forces from 2 million to 1.5 million military personnel in order to ensure military security of the State and protect new federated entities and critical facilities. The announcement was made by Defense Minister of Russia, Serguei Shoigu, in a meeting with the senior staff of his ministry.

According to the official TASS agency, the addition of 137,000 people to the military staff was carried out on January 1st, as stated by Putin’s decree. In addition, a new army corps will be established on the border with Finland, and groups of troops in the annexed Ukrainian regions.

These military personnel increases are part of “large-scale changes in the composition of the Armed Forces”, which will take place over the years 2023 to 2026, and will require adequate decisions and action. Furthermore, for the “new constituent entities” of Russia, two military districts will be created in Moscow and Leningrad.

Kremlin spokesman, Dmitri Peskov, said that these force increases are a result of the “proxy war” by the “collective West”, which includes “economic, financial, legal” elements, and counts on the “indirect” participation of Western countries in the confrontation with Russia.

To ensure the mission’s successful outcome, measures must be combined in a comprehensive plan to increase the composition and strength of the army, and be synchronised with the delivery of weapons and military equipment, as well as the construction of infrastructures for the deployment of troops. The minister also stated that more contractors will be hired, and training camps and centers will be increased and extended to train more military specialists.

The increased military personnel of 1.5 million is expected to strengthen the key structural components of the Armed Forces, and therefore improve the military security of the country.

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