Russia Praises Colombia for Not Exporting Russian Weapons to Ukraine

Colombia Denies to Donate Weapons to Ukraine After US Request

The Russian Embassy celebrated this Wednesday (01.25.2023) that Colombia refused to donate Russian weapons to Ukraine after a request from the United States. President Gustavo Petro admitted on January 24 that the US made such a request but refused due to a constitutional order “in the international arena” that obliges governments to promote peace.

General Laura “Richardson and other people from the United States, they asked me that, to solve the problem of our inability to sustain these active elements, we hand them over and that they take them to Ukraine”, said the leftist president. Petro asserted that “no such Russian weapons that is useless on our land is going to be used in that conflict”.

The US Southern Command’s head had suggested Latin American countries to donate Russian equipment to Ukraine, in exchange for replacing it with US arsenal. But President Petro argues that Latin America must demand peace and not “play to see which military bloc remains”. Colombia, the main US ally in the region, works together in the failed fight against drug trafficking, of which Petro has been a fierce critic.

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