Russia Marks 80 Years Since Battle of Stalingrad Victory

Russia Marks 80 Years Since Battle of Stalingrad Victory

Russia Celebrates the 80th Anniversary of the Battle of Stalingrad

Russia has once again paid tribute to the courage and sacrifice of those who lost their lives during the Battle of Stalingrad. On Wednesday, the country commemorated the 80th anniversary of the historic battle, which led to a major turning point in the Second World War.

The Battle of Stalingrad, fought from July 17 to November 23, 1942, was one of the deadliest in history and is considered one of the greatest victories by the Soviet Union over Nazi Germany. The battle is credited with stopping Germany’s advance toward the Caspian and Black Seas and Europe.

The ceremony at the Mamayev Kurgan memorial commemorated the courage and heroism of the Russian soldiers and civilians that sacrificed their lives in defense of their homeland. The ceremony featured dignitaries from around the world, who laid wreaths and paid their respects to the fallen. Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed those in attendance, calling for an end to global conflicts and honoring the bravery of those who have gone before.

“We remember that winter in which the war tested the strength of our people, who defended the homeland and decided the fate of the world,” Putin said.

The day also served as a reminder of the importance of peace and collaboration among nations in an effort to quash global conflicts. It is hoped that this will be remembered and honored in the future as well.

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