Russia Makes Progress Toward Two Towns in Ukraine’s Zaporizhia Region

Russian Army Takes Control of Ukrainian Villages

On Sunday(January 22, 2023), Russian state media reported that a team of Ukrainian soldiers on a road in the Donetsk region had faced advances by the Russian army towards two villages in the Zaporizhia region in the south of Ukraine.

Vladimir Rogov, the Russian occupation authority, said that the two towns, Orijiv, located 50 kilometers south of the regional capital Zaporizhia and Hulyaipole further east, were the main target of the offensive.

The Ukrainian army noted that over 15 settlements have been hit by artillery fire in Zaporizhia. Rogov announced a “local offensive” around Orijiv and claimed that the Russian army had taken control near the Dniepr river. He also said that the intensity of fighting in the region had increased.

Russia’s troops claimed to have commenced offensive operations in the region, successfully taking control of advantageous lines and positions. Ever since Moscow had left the city of Kherson in November, the situation on the front in the southern region contrasted with heavy battles on the eastern front.

Russia has proclaimed annexation of Zaporizhia, long with three other Ukrainian regions, but does not possess complete control over those areas.

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