Russia Launches Offensive in Lugansk Region

Russia intensifies its offensive in the Lugansk region

The conflict in eastern Ukraine continues to intensify, with Russian forces intensifying their offensive in the Kreminna area. According to the governor of Lugansk, the majority of bombardments and attacks are concentrated in this region. Meanwhile, to the north in Svatove, the Ukrainian positions remain more “stable” with Ukrainian forces reportedly destroying heavy Russian equipment on a daily basis.

Ukrainian soldiers, who are situated in the frozen forests of eastern Ukraine, are desperate for the war to end. One soldier, who spoke to reporters, said, “We want the war to end as soon as possible, to expel them from our land, from our territory.”

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The civilian population in Kupiansk, in the Kharkov region, is also facing difficulties as they are situated a few kilometers from the front line. The people of Zelene are receiving humanitarian aid, however explosions can still be heard as Russian forces attempt to break the Ukrainian line.

It is clear that the conflict in Ukraine is far from over and that the people of eastern Ukraine are still suffering as a result of the war. It is now more important than ever that both sides come together and find a peaceful resolution to this conflict.


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