Russia Deploys First Nuclear Warheads on Poseidon Torpedoes in Europe

Russia deploys the “Weapon of the Apocalypse” on its submarine Belgorod

In a move that has set off alarm bells in the West, Russian President Vladimir Putin and confirmed by a Defence source have reported that the country has already produced the first nuclear warheads for the Poseidon torpedoes and mobilized the Russian submarine Belgorod to carry the weapon.

Known as the “Weapon of the Apocalypse” due to its power, the Poseidon nuclear torpedo can hit its target “at a distance of hundreds of kilometers” and leave the coastal strips uninhabitable for decades due to the waves of radiation, as previously confirmed by Russian sources.

Despite being expected to be included in Russia’s state weapons program in 2027, the Poseidon system has already been available since end of 2022.

President Putin has not yet made any further statements regarding the nuclear threat, but the event has raised global concerns, and the world awaits further updates as the situation unfolds.
rml (efe, Reuters)

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