Rueda teases Pontón’s “government” and gives advice on linguistic imposition and foreign affairs


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The president of the party has expressed his surprise at the decision of the BNG candidate, Ana Pontón, to present the hypothetical design of her government after the election. He stated that he has a great team and was expecting Pontón to present her team as well, but she did not. He also mentioned that Pontón did not specify anything about her government design.

The popular leader has sarcastically said that Pontón “came out saying that she was going to form her government, to make a design, but she did not specify anything.” He also warned that no government would be formed, and if Pontón wanted to form a government when he is in opposition, he would give him “two pieces of advice”: the first, to create a department “of indoctrination and monolingual imposition” in Galician and to create another one of “foreign affairs”.

The president of the party has also warned that the PP is risking “everything” against a “sectarian” left and that it believes “it is fashionable.” He guaranteed that he is not “worried” about the absolute majority of the PP.

The candidate for the province of Lugo, Cristina Sanz, has asked for support for the party against a BNG that “does not represent the social majority of Galicia” and for a PSdeG that has reduced to “branch of ‘sanchismo'”. She also mentioned that Lugo is going to be the only province in Galicia that the AVE will not reach thanks to Sánchez.

Fellow candidate Javier Arias intervened, calling for them to go “together” to the polls on February 18 to give the leader of the PPdeG his “first absolute majority”, and has recognized that Lugo’s role will be key. He emphasized that “the governability” of the Community in the next term depends on each vote.

The rally also included the Councilor of the Sea, Alfonso Villares, and the provincial president and spokesperson of the PP in the city, Elena Candia, who asked for the vote of women, young people, the elderly, and businessmen and the self-employed. She also recalled the Xunta’s commitment to the city and mentioned the campus in Lugo.

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