Rueda seeks vote for “united Galicia and normal Galicians” against land critics


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The president of the day in the TVG debate, they dedicate themselves “only to speaking ill” of their land and painting “black Galicia” even though it leads “to nothing.” From a town hall that the PP recovered in the last municipal elections and that is now directed by Daniel Vega, in charge of opening the rally, before about 350 people, Rueda has launched this message on the fifth day of the campaign. He also did it before his mother, Lola de Valenzuela, who received a hug from the candidate. According to what he himself said, she had stopped on her way back from a trip from Asturias to Pontevedra.

Even with the TVG debate in the imagination of Galician society, the leader of the PPdeG has complained about the “coordinated harassment” that he attributes to his rivals, and has proclaimed that the popular people are “proud” of what Galicia and its town. “That is why I ask for the vote for that Galicia that is united because Galicia is unity. Each of us will think as we think, but in the end there are feelings that unite us all,” he said.

After listing some of the measures adopted – such as free nursery schools – or new commitments such as the extension of Inheritance Tax bonuses, he asked Galicians for support “for a Galicia that resolves” because “there are many problems to solve” and you cannot, he added, “waste time with things that lead nowhere” such as limiting yourself to “speaking badly about Galicia.” Next, he took aim at his rivals on the left, whom he accused of “speaking badly about what they should defend and want.” “And you don’t gain more trust, or more votes, by speaking badly about what you should especially want. But they only say that everything is bad, everything isn’t, without any proposal. That nothing was done, that people are dying of hunger on the corners or that she gets sick and there is no one to take care of her,” she said.

“That black Galicia, not loving ourselves leads nowhere,” he warned, before defending that, although “there are things to improve”, Galicia “works and has to continue working.” “And it has to improve its functioning even more. That’s what these elections are for, he proclaimed. Next, he asked for support at the polls for “normal Galicians.” “Like Dani (Vega), like Elena (candia), like Alfonso (Villares, former mayor of Cervo, also present at the rally), “people who dedicate themselves to work, who are in politics to solve problems and by vocation,” he exemplified, before guaranteeing that he is willing to fulfill all his commitments because they are validated by the Minister of Facenda de la Xunta, Miguel Corgos.

During the rally, Rueda recalled several moments of the TVG debate and stressed that, although they “hid it”, his rivals could not show that they see issues in an “absolutely contradictory” way. He has also complained about the “coordinated harassment” of which, from his point of view, he was subjected, and has stated that he could “feel the strength of many people” who were watching him and who “did not agree.” “. But he has stressed that he also remained “comfortable” conveying to his opponents “things that they did not like to hear.” Among other issues, he has criticized the fact that the Podemos candidate, Isabel Faraldo, was “proud” of the “yes means yes” law, which has “left” sexual offenders on the street. “One more reason why they can never have any responsibility for Government in Galicia,” he added.

Of the socialist José Ramón Gómez Besteiro, of whom he has stated that he “does not have a grandmother” and is “delighted to meet”, he has recalled that he urged him to leave his deputy record when he asked him to take the step in Congress . “He doesn’t even know that to be president of Galicia you have to be a deputy. A class in Administrative Law for Besteiro,” he has appealed. From the BNG, he has insisted that his candidate, Ana Pontón, does not like “at all” being reminded of what the nationalists “are.” “That is why we have to remind them so many times. It is a party that is in coalition with Bildu, that supports the amnesty law with amnesty for terrorists included, and that the other day they supported the release of ETA prisoners with blood crimes and murders of Galicians”, he has argued. He has also stated that the Bloc is a party that “says amen” to the forgiveness of the debt to Catalonia and that includes in its program “the right to independence” or the commitment to “monolingualism” in Galician. Thus, he has concluded that “they are ashamed” of their electoral program because “they are radical, without a doubt”, and in said document “it is evident.” He has also complained that “the Bloc says that the PP is a party full of rich people who don’t work” and has asked Pontón for “respect for the half of Galicia that votes” for the popular party. Finally, de Sumar has warned that he proposes “eliminating” the Inheritance Tax bonuses, and that no force on the left was able to “deny” that this step would be taken.

At this juncture, the popular leader has asked for “full” work until the end, not giving “any vote for won or lost.” “We have a reason for being that is not to win for the sake of winning, it is to continue working for Galicia and I ask you for a majority that we greatly need,” he appealed. Finally, he has called on his people to “go with everything”, with “confidence and conviction”, since he, he has said, trusts in “victory” on February 18.

Vega highlights the commitment of the defined as “magnificent” the local government that he heads. At the same time, he has vindicated the commitments and investments of the Xunta with the town, and has appealed to continue along this line, betting on “stability” and on Rueda as Galician president. Vega has defended that the TVG debate showed the two options on the table for 18F: “a president and a government” headed by his leader, or “the confusion and permanent hubbub” of the security forces. left. “It has been demonstrated which is the only alternative that Galicia has,” he declared, before confessing “‘Ruedista’ to the core.” “When she gives you a hug you feel like it’s a real hug,” he said, about his leader, whom he praised for “not being false in politics” and “keeping her word.”

For her part, the provincial president of the PPdeG and head of the poster for the province of Lugo, Elena Candia, has also referred to the debate as a “graphic image” of the “two alternatives”: a president and a government with proposals or a group of forces that “seeked conflict” even “with bad manners.” The popular leader has appealed to the “unity” of Galicia and has assumed that the Galicians see the situation and will respond at the polls. As an example, she has used an anecdote and explained that a man with whom she had spoken at the entrance, with whom she discussed her presence at the rally, had answered: “I have come to help so that the people do not enter.” separatists.” Finally, she has questioned whether forces that do nothing other than “speak badly” of the community can “govern it well.” And she asked for “help” on February 18: “We need a huge mobilization. We have to vote. Everyone. No one can be missing.”

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