Rueda criticizes Tezanos’ CIS, Calvo urges vote caution


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The Popular Party organized a rally in Arteixo (A Coruña) where the president of the Xunta and PPdeG candidate for re-election, Alfonso Rueda, discussed the importance of the Center Sociological Investigations (CIS) polls. He expressed that the polls are of no use to him and that he needs votes on 18F. He also stated that he already knew in advance what the Tezanos survey was going to say and that he doesn’t care about the polls that come out to save Sánchez.

At the rally, there were about 400 people, including ‘Toñito’ from Carballo, who has changed his well-known banner in which he identified Alberto Núñez Feijóo as “a phenomenon” for a new one with the motto that Galicia “works” and “Rueda doesn’t stop”. The popular leader has appealed not to believe the polls that “come out to save Sánchez”, and asking for “confidence” to preserve the absolute majority in the next election.

Diego Calvo, the number two in the Xunta and provincial president of the PP of A Coruña, called on all popular voters to “not trust” and go en masse to the polls on election day. He warned that if people don’t go to vote and get their family and neighbors to vote for the PP, then there may be a surprise that they don’t want for Galicia. He asked for “an effort” in the final sprint towards 18F.

The A Coruña leader contrasted a “propositive” PPdeG with the forces of the left, whom he accused of limiting themselves to standing “behind the banners.” He disapproved of the fact that they “do not care to speak ill of Galicia” in order to “scratch a vote” that prevents the PPdeG from achieving an absolute majority. He also attacked the BNG, with a program that includes “the right of self-determination” or “schools entirely in Galician”, before stressing that the Galicians could not “understand” a government in which the partners “were continually fighting” and asked for support to prevent “all the spectacle that is being seen in Madrid continually moving to Galicia.”

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