Rueda criticizes Sánchez for lack of commitments in Galicia, calls PSdeG “most servile” PSOE


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Alfonso Rueda, the PPdeG candidate for the presidency of the Xunta, has expressed his disappointment with Pedro Sánchez, the president of the Government and general secretary of the PSOE, for not making any commitments during his visit to Galicia. Rueda criticized Sánchez for not making any promises or showing any support for the region during his visit to Ourense.

During a speech at the central rally of the popular ones in the bullring of Pontevedra, Rueda described the PSdeG as “the most servile” of all the socialist parties in Spain. He believes that the PSdeG is willing to support whatever Pedro Sánchez says, without questioning his decisions.

Rueda also expressed his disappointment with Sánchez’s lack of contribution to Galician politics, stating that Sánchez’s only remark about Galicia was that “Galicia does not matter” and that the PSOE is going to “fly.” Rueda emphasized that the PPdeG is determined to prove their worth on February 18.

In addition, Rueda criticized the BNG for believing that they have the absolute truth and pointed out that Sumar and Podemos only seem interested in gaining political positions. He emphasized that the PPdeG is not like that and humbly asked for the vote, acknowledging that they do not have all the answers but are committed to continuing to do good work for the region.

Rueda assured the people that if they win on February 18, they will govern for everyone, regardless of their political affiliations, because they owe it to everyone. He expressed his confidence that their victory will bring happiness to many people, even those who may not initially support them.

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