RTVE News Council criticizes Inés Hernand’s Goya Awards intervention


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In an effort to attract younger viewers, RTVE chose Inés Hernand to cover the Goya Awards on the RTVE Play channel, its streaming platform. From the start, Hernand aimed to bring a lighthearted touch to the night, using her unique sense of humor and unfiltered language. Throughout the more than five-hour broadcast, she made several comments that garnered attention, including openly flattering the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, and using expressions that were criticized for being inappropriate.

RTVE responded quickly to the controversy, announcing that the Interactive Media News Council would be seeking explanations for the coverage. The public entity expressed its rejection of the tone and content of Hernand’s coverage, emphasizing that any content bearing the RTVE brand must adhere to quality and neutrality standards.

The internal organ of public television highlighted Hernand’s intervention with Pedro Sánchez, stating that the flattering tone towards a President of the Government has no place in public radio and television. This is not the first time Hernand has been at the center of a controversy for a live broadcast on an RTVE platform, as she has previously made comments that affected the network’s commitment to neutrality.

In a previous incident, RTVE withdrew a special presented by Hernand on Pride Day due to a phrase that affected the network’s commitment to neutrality. She has also openly criticized the invasion of Israel in Gaza and its participation in Eurovision, distancing herself from the position of the network. Additionally, she has publicly criticized RTVE for discrepancies in presenter salaries.

In reflecting on the situation, Hernand acknowledged that she may not have handled the issue of salaries well and that she believes RTVE has given her a lot of amnesty. These controversies have raised questions about the appropriateness of Hernand’s coverage and her role as an external collaborator for RTVE.

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