Rowdy passenger kicked off flight after losing fight – video footage


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A video captured a fight between two airline passengers that left an abusive Australian man getting battered to the ground by an American. The incident took place on a Scoot flight headed to Manila. The rowdy Australian had already been accused of insulting passengers and demanding drinks. He was standing in the aisle and asking another passenger why he’s filming him. The other passenger, who later says he’s from Las Vegas, replied, “I’m gonna film an ass-whooping in a minute.” The abusive Aussie starts mocking the man filming him, repeating what he said with a sarcastic, exaggerated accent. The abusive passenger, in a white T-shirt and cap, then calls the other name foul names while challenging him for “a one-on-one.”

After the seated passenger tells the man “hit me” several times, the man in the aisle swiftly slaps him across the face as onlookers gasp in horror. The video then cuts to the dazed-looking Australian man sitting on the floor in the aisle with a shoe in hand — and blood all over his face. “I told you I’d be giving an ass-whooping,” the other passenger taunts him, along with a flurry of other curse words aimed at the beaten passenger who smiles through his clear embarrassment. The footage then shows police officers escorting the battered Australian off the plane as other passengers clap and cheer — and the man who confronted him smiling and asking him to blow him a kiss.

Some online questioned why both men weren’t thrown off the flight, since the man behind the camera seemingly encouraged the other’s behavior. However, others noted that the Australian man had already been causing issues and was belligerent. A person who was on both flights with the Australian told the West Australian newspaper he was already causing a stir on the Singapore leg of the trip. According to the passenger, he had been on a verbal tirade for “hours” on the flight to Manila. The videotaped confrontation occurred as the flight had landed because the Australian went to confront the other man for filming him. “The (Australian) slapped him real hard and then it all kicked off,” the witness said. This passenger then swooped into the aisle and the pair grappled as other passengers watched on with bated breath. “As soon as he was down, a couple of other guys were kicking him on the ground,” the witness said. It’s unclear whether the Australian man faces any charges in the Philippines. “The flight attendants were stressing out. A couple of the guys and flight attendants zip-tied his arms and legs together and they waited for the police to come,” the witness added. As the Australian was being led away he can be heard saying in one video clip, “Get me out there for one-on-ones”.

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