Rod Stewart Urges Tories to Step Aside for Labour

Rod Stewart Urges Tories to Step Aside for Labour

Legendary Rockstar Rod Steward Pledges to Ease Waiting Time to NHS Patients

Legendary Rockstar Rod Steward made an intervention during a Sky News program on Thursday expressing his sorrows on the wait time in NHS and offered to pay for twenty medical scans in private clinic.

He was building a model train when he heard citizens complaining that they were getting no appointments for medical scans. Steward, who is 78 years old and a long-time Conservative, suggested that the government should step down and give Labor a chance.

Expressing solidarity with the striking workers of NHS for their pay and conditions, he said,“I don’t need the publicity, I just want to do something good, and I think this is it, and I would love for other people to follow me,”

He further added, “I’ve never seen the health system ‘so bad’ and called for “change the damn government.”

This act of kindness from the singer of “We are sailing” and “Maggie May” is winning the hearts of citizens and NHS workers, who also hope that more people join the rockstar in his initiative.

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