Rocío Aguirre: C. Tangana’s Girlfriend and Relationship Length


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Rocío Aguirre is known as one of C. Tangana’s biggest supporters during the difficult times portrayed in “That Excessive Ambition,” the documentary for which the Madrid native hopes to win the Best Documentary award at the 2024 Goya Awards gala. The Chilean photographer, born in 1989, and the Madrid singer, born in 1990, openly share their intimacy in this work created by Santos Bacana, Rogelio González, and Cristina Trenas, who are Pucho’s partners in the Little Spain production company.

The relationship between C. Tangana and Rocío Aguirre began in a bar and gained attention when it was featured on YouTube. In early 2020, the couple traveled to LATAM and found themselves stuck in Mexico due to the coronavirus crisis. It was during this time that the singer began recording the documentary “Vuelve a Casa” on his cell phone, and decided to include Rocío in the fourth and final chapter. Although there were suspicions about their relationship, the couple did not confirm it until the summer of 2020, when Rocío publicly dedicated kind words to C. Tangana on his birthday, confirming their relationship.

However, Rocío’s perspective on their relationship has evolved over time. In a 2021 interview with SModa, she expressed a desire for a more private relationship, stating that she and C. Tangana had decided not to work together to avoid external influences. She also mentioned that she regretted making their relationship public and preferred to show only what she wanted.

The couple has chosen to focus on their individual work and live their relationship naturally, away from the cameras and social media. Despite attending a few public events together, Rocío has expressed a fear of being labeled as C. Tangana’s girlfriend and has made efforts to manage their relationship in a way that feels comfortable for her.

Rocío Aguirre, who recently released her book “X Rocío Aguirre” (Paripé Books), has been passionate about photography since childhood. Growing up in a town in the south of Chile, she was exposed to the world of advertising through her parents’ work, which sparked her interest in photography. She later pursued her passion by studying and specializing in chemical photography in New York before settling in Madrid to further her career.

In Madrid, Rocío focuses on creating analog editorials, advertising campaigns, social media videos, and music photography. She also shares her knowledge by teaching fashion photography and cyanotype classes at art schools. Her journey from a small town in Chile to becoming a successful photographer in Madrid reflects her dedication and passion for her craft.

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