Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Jeffrey Epstein’s Connection


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Presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr. had a close relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, using the billionaire’s Manhattan office in 1993 and attending parties with him at The Pierre. Kennedy admitted to taking two trips on Epstein’s private plane, once to Florida and another time to go “fossil hunting” in South Dakota, both times flying with children. He claimed he was never on the jet alone and that his second wife, Mary Richardson Kennedy, had a relationship with Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s girlfriend and procurer of victims.

Kennedy’s admission contradicted his previous claim of only being on Epstein’s jet once. His relationship with Epstein was described by a longtime family friend, Christina Oxenberg, who also raised questions about Kennedy’s connection to Epstein. Kennedy’s campaign denied any knowledge of Epstein’s criminal behavior at the time and did not answer questions about the use of Epstein’s office in 1993.

Oxenberg’s account revealed that Maxwell was part of Kennedy’s family circle long before his affair with Mary Richardson began. Maxwell first cultivated the Kennedys in 1989 when Kerry and Michael were guests at a party on the Lady Ghislaine, Maxwell’s father’s yacht. Maxwell was also present at the wedding of Kerry Kennedy and Andrew Cuomo in 1990.

In 1993, Kennedy hired Oxenberg and another woman to produce an event for him that involved then-New York City mayor David Dinkins. Kennedy gave them space in Epstein’s offices for free to work on the event. The office space turned out to be Epstein’s “suite of offices on Madison Avenue” where they operated out of a “large and comfy conference room.”

Epstein’s interest in the Kennedys was apparent in his “little black book,” which featured contacts for socialites, politicians, and the young girls he sexually assaulted. Other Kennedys, including RFK Jr.’s mother Ethel and cousin Maria Shriver, were also featured in the book. Kennedy’s campaign brushed off any suggestion that he knew about Epstein’s sex-trafficking ring at the time.

Maxwell’s relationship with the Kennedys dates back to 1989 when she first cultivated the family at a party on her father’s yacht. Maxwell was also present at the wedding of Kerry Kennedy and Andrew Cuomo in 1990. By 1992, she was dating Epstein and was a presence on the social scene. Kennedy’s relationship with Epstein raises questions about his transparency regarding his connection to the infamous pervert.

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