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The football world was shocked by the news that Xavi Hernandez would be leaving his position as the head coach of Barcelona. This comes less than a year after leading the Catalan club to a dominant LaLiga victory.

Deco, Barcelona’s Sporting Director, expressed surprise at Xavi’s departure, as they had been planning for the upcoming season. He understands Xavi’s frustration at not feeling valued, but clarifies that the club did not demand titles from him.

Xavi Hernandez announced that he will leave FC Barcelona on June 30. Deco mentioned that they were planning for next season, and Xavi’s departure was unexpected. He feels that the LaLiga victory last year was not valued enough, and he understands Xavi’s frustration.

The search for a new head coach is underway, and Rafa Marquez, currently at Barcelona B, is a potential candidate. The club has not yet spoken to any coach, and the decision will be made collectively. They are looking for a coach with ambition and hunger to achieve great things.

In the wake of Xavi’s decision, there has been speculation about a reunion with Pep Guardiola. Deco downplayed Guardiola’s work, stating that Barcelona still had a good team when he arrived. He praised Guardiola for building the best team he has ever seen and for his coaching abilities.

The departure of Xavi has left Barcelona in search of a new head coach. The club is taking its time to find the right candidate who aligns with their vision and style of play. The search is ongoing, and they are considering various options, including Rafa Marquez and other potential candidates.

The departure of Xavi has sparked discussions about a potential reunion with Pep Guardiola. However, Deco downplayed Guardiola’s impact, emphasizing the strength of the team when he arrived. He praised Guardiola for his coaching abilities and his role in building a successful team.

Overall, Barcelona is facing a period of transition as they search for a new head coach. The club is focused on finding a candidate who shares their vision and values, and who can continue the team’s legacy of success. The search is ongoing, and the club is taking its time to make the right decision.

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