Rising Concern: More Pedestrians Involved in Houston Road Accidents


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Pedestrian accidents are a serious issue in the Houston area, often resulting in fatalities. According to recent statistics, 115 pedestrians died and 245 were seriously injured in a year. When these accidents occur, the Houston police officers investigate the scene and try to obtain video footage to identify the vehicle and its owner.

The majority of pedestrian accidents in Houston are related to speeding and drunk or impaired drivers. It is important for drivers involved in accidents to stop, wait for the police to arrive, and talk to the pedestrian before leaving the scene.

The report indicates that the majority of the victims in these accidents are Hispanic. To avoid becoming a victim, pedestrians are advised to be cautious when crossing the street. They should use their cell phones before crossing, look both ways, and wait for the signal to cross. It is also important to walk on sidewalks and wear reflective clothing if walking at night.

In parking lots, pedestrians should be aware of distracted drivers and make sure to be visible. Many accidents occur when pedestrians cross the street in unauthorized areas, so it is important to use designated crosswalks.

Overall, pedestrian safety is a serious concern in the Houston area, and both drivers and pedestrians need to be cautious and aware of their surroundings to prevent accidents and fatalities. It is important for everyone to follow traffic laws and be mindful of each other on the road. By taking these precautions, we can work towards reducing the number of pedestrian accidents in our community.

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