Rishi Sunak Defends Appointment of Minister Facing Tax Controversy

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Appoints Independent Adviser to Investigate Tax Affairs of Politician Nadhim Zahawi

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has appointed an independent adviser to investigate tax affairs of his cabinet minister Nadhim Zahawi, amidst a tax scandal surrounding the minister. The Prime Minister had come under pressure from the opposition Labor Party which had called for Zahawi’s resignation.

The scandal broke out a few days ago after Zahawi had admitted that he had paid a fine to the British Treasury after detecting errors in his tax return, which he described as ‘unintentional’. PM Johnson took the issue of Zahawi’s appointment to the House of Commons and accused the Labour Party conflict of “small politics”.

In the session, PM Johnson had said, “I am pleased to make my position on this matter completely clear to the House. The issues in question occurred before I became Prime Minister (last October). The Prime Minister confirmed that new information has emerged in recent days regarding the case and that is why he requested independent ethics adviser, Laurie Magnus, to look into the tax affairs of Zahawi.

The press reported that Zahawi had paid a fine of more than 1 million pounds (€1.1 million) due to alleged errors in his tax return.

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