Ricky Rubio Signs with Euroleague Team


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Ricky Rubio has signed with Bara until the end of the season, marking a significant move for the player, the national team, and the Barça team. After taking a break from basketball due to mental health issues, Ricky seems to be on the road to recovery and is considering returning to the sport. This is great news for the national team, as they may be able to recruit him for the Pre-Olympic games. Bara has shown respect for Ricky’s recovery process by allowing him to decide when he is ready to return to the courts.

Similar to Pau Gasol’s return to Barcelona in 2021, Ricky has the opportunity to come back to Spanish basketball after 12 seasons in the NBA. He has been training with the Barça team and his former teammate, Roger Grimau, who is now the coach. Ricky’s feelings about returning to the game are positive, and it seems like he is regaining his passion for basketball.

Bara has handled the situation with great care, taking advantage of a favorable context. Ricky has former teammates and friends within the organization, creating an ideal environment for him to recover and regain his desire to play at the highest level. There is no pressure for Ricky to return, and both parties have the option to terminate the contract if they are not comfortable with the situation.

If Ricky decides to return, it would be a fantastic addition for Barcelona, as they have struggled with direction and play generation in some games. Ricky’s talent and experience could elevate the team’s performance in various competitions. As one of the greatest talents in the history of Spanish basketball, Ricky’s potential return is cause for celebration in the sport.

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