Revealed: The Worst Celebrities Hollywood Cameraman Worked With


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A Hollywood cameraman recently spilled the beans on some of the “worst” celebrities he has worked with in the industry. While he didn’t name names, he did share some interesting stories about his experiences with these stars.

One celebrity, in particular, was notorious for their diva-like behavior on set. According to the cameraman, this individual would throw tantrums and make outrageous demands, making it difficult for the crew to do their job. This behavior made for a challenging and unpleasant work environment for everyone involved.

Another celebrity was known for their lack of professionalism. This individual would often show up late to set, causing delays in the production schedule. This not only affected the crew but also the other cast members who had to wait around for this celebrity to arrive.

One surprising revelation from the cameraman was about a celebrity who had a rather unusual request. This individual reportedly refused to use the toilet on set and instead insisted on being driven to a nearby hotel whenever nature called. This bizarre behavior left the crew scratching their heads and added an extra layer of complexity to their work.

Despite these challenging experiences, the cameraman also shared some positive stories about working with celebrities who were a joy to collaborate with. These individuals were professional, respectful, and made the filming process a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Overall, the cameraman’s revelations shed light on the less glamorous side of working in Hollywood. While there are certainly many talented and professional celebrities in the industry, there are also those who make the job more difficult for the crew. Despite the challenges, the cameraman’s experiences have given him a unique perspective on the world of celebrity and filmmaking.

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