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Al Jazeera’s Sport Weekly newsletter covers a variety of topics this week, including the impact of ‘NewCo’ on English women’s football, surf therapy, and the history of playing football in Robben Island prison.

English women’s football is entering a new era as the top two tiers break from the Football Association (FA) and a new company, NewCo, takes over the running of the women’s professional game. Kelly Simmons, former FA director of the women’s game, believes that the FA wasn’t the right fit to develop the women’s game in the long term. She expressed concerns that if the women’s leagues merged with the men’s Premier League, it would not receive the necessary attention and focus. This led to the decision to set up a new company solely focused on making the best decisions for the women’s professional game.

Alex Culvin, a former professional player and head of women’s football strategy and research at FIFPRO players union, supports the decision for the women’s leagues to function independently. The Women’s Super League (WSL) now aims to become the first billion-pound women’s football league in the world within a decade. However, concerns have been raised about a power grab by top clubs and the lack of financial fair play rules.

The governance of the new company and its relationship with the FA are still unclear, and there are concerns that women’s football could end up replicating some of the inequalities and avarice of the men’s game.

In other news, the newsletter also covers the history of playing football and resisting apartheid on Robben Island, the withdrawal of former Pakistan cricket captain Salman Butt as a Pakistan Cricket Board consultant, and the transformative impact of surf therapy in South Africa.

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