Restoration of Damaged Works in Brazil Begins

Attempted Coup by Bolsonarists in Brasilia Leads to Serious Damage

An attempted coup perpetrated by radical bolsonarists on January 8 in Brasilia has left a serious impact on the city. The buildings that were majorly impacted included the National Congress, Supreme Court and the Planalto Palace which is the seat of the presidency.

In addition to this damage, the furniture and works of art in these buildings have been destroyed or have sustained damage.

The attempted coup has come as a surprise to many, and people have expressed their shock and disbelief on social media. The implications and effects of the attempted coup are yet to be fully evaluated.

The Brazilian government and law enforcement have taken several steps to ensure stability and security in the region. The government is also in the process of restoring the damaged and destroyed buildings and artifacts.

The attempted coup is an attack on Brazil’s democracy and its citizens. It is now up to the citizens to come together and stand for what is right and defend their democracy.

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