Residents of Lützerath Stage Violent Protests Against Eviction

German police forcefully evict hundreds of protesters from Lützerath in North Rhine-Westphalia, as the town is set to be demolished for the expansion of a coal mine.

The government has declared the necessity of the coal mine due to the increasing energy crisis encountered due to Russia’s waging war in Ukraine. The crisis has resulted in Berlin restarting and powering up crippled coal plants.

The police were split into two teams, one team was sent to the centre of the town while the other team dealt with protesters and activists near the coal mine who were opposed to the expansion. Police also used helicopters and tracked armoured cars to search for potential activists in the forests.

The protests went on for days and were characterised by scenes of activists marching through the town; they sang songs, played instruments and held banners. But eventually, the police evicted the protesters and warned them not to return.

The expansion of coal in Germany depends entirely on these demolitions as it may be the safest way to secure energy supplies in the midst of the Ukrainian crisis. But the protesters did not take it lying down and have vowed to return to the town to continue their struggle.

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