Remembering Carrasco: Samuel Lino’s Impact


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Yannick Carrasco had a tough time in September. The transfer market was already closed, and he had faced challenges since his return from a strange Chinese adventure. However, Diego Simeone, the coach, found a solution in two players who had many offers in the summer: Riquelme and Samuel Lino. Both players were seen as having qualities to reengage as lanes, similar to what was done with Carrasco. Simeone’s decision has proven to be right, as both players have shown great potential, especially Lino, who has scored 6 goals, surpassing Correa and equaling Memphis, two forwards.

Memphis Depay’s goal against Sevilla was a turning point for him. It gave the team an extra boost they needed and will help him compete for a position against Morata. Koke, a player who has been a constant presence in Atl├ętico’s history, continues to prove his worth with his tactical contributions and genius plays, such as the pinpoint center he made for Molina to score against Valencia.

Mosquera, another player, showed a change in attitude and was rewarded with a goal against Valencia. However, an action where he failed to save a goal led to an image of impotence for him. The team has also welcomed new players, such as Vermeeren and Moise Kean, who are expected to make an impact in upcoming matches. Overall, the team is showing promise and potential for the future.

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