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Regina Blandon’s Passionate Confession: Falling for a Celebrity 14 Years her Senior

Regina Blandon shouts her love for a famous actor 14 years older than her

Regina Blandón, the actress famous for playing ‘Bibi’ from ‘La Familia P. Luche’, recently dedicated romantic words to her film and television heartthrob, who is 14 years older than her. The film and television star used her official Instagram account to publish a series of images with which she shouted, from the four winds, her love for Martín Altomaro on his 47th birthday.

“Happy birthday, Boooongh. How nice to celebrate your life. That we continue laughing and dancing a lot “rock and roll for idiots”, wrote Regina Blandón.

In the images, the famous “Bibi” showed some of the moments that she has lived with Martín during their little more than three years of dating.

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Celebrities React

Other celebrities such as María León, Zoraida Gómez, Michelle Rodríguez, Gema Garoa, Marina de Tavira, Pablo Perroni, Fernanda Castillo, Jessica Segura, Erik Hayser, and Andrés Palacios responded to the post, adding to the thousands of ‘Likes’ that the publication received.

Regina Blandón Defends the Age Gap

Regina Blandón recently defended her love with Martín Altomaro, who is 14 years older than her. At the time, the actress explained that they were very calm but, above all, very happy together.

“Very well, very happy, blessed God. We are very happy, both working hard. To me, look (the negative comments), I already pass that over, let them say what they have to say. Oh gentlemen, please sit down,” said the actress.

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Age is just a number when it comes to love, and Regina Blandón seems to have found it with Martín Altomaro.



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