Reasons why Slash tried to sabotage “Sweet Child O’ Mine”


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“Sweet Child O’ Mine” is undeniably one of Guns N’ Roses’ most iconic songs and a timeless classic. However, what many people may not know is that the song initially had a detractor within the group: Slash. This revelation was made by Duff McKagan during an appearance on the Songcraft podcast. In the interview, the bassist discussed the origins of the iconic song, revealing that it was initially based on a simple three-chord progression brought in by Izzy Stradlin. Despite Slash’s initial reservations, the band continued to work on the song, with Axl Rose showing enthusiasm for it. However, Slash was not convinced and even expressed a desire to get rid of the song entirely.

According to McKagan, Slash was particularly critical of the D, C, G note progression in the song’s introduction. He even went as far as telling McKagan that they needed to find a way to get rid of the song. However, instead of rejecting the song outright, Slash ended up creating the famous intro to the melody. McKagan believes that this was Slash’s attempt to sabotage the song, but it ultimately backfired, resulting in an incredible introduction and the transformation of the song into a ballad.

In other news related to Slash, he recently revealed that there was a rock band he failed to connect with. Additionally, he is set to visit Argentina on February 9, and fans are eager to learn more about his upcoming visit.

Slash’s musical journey has been filled with both triumphs and challenges, and his role in the creation of “Sweet Child O’ Mine” is just one example of the complex dynamics within Guns N’ Roses. Despite initial reservations, the song went on to become a massive hit and a defining moment in the band’s career. Slash’s creative input, even when met with skepticism, has often led to unexpected and groundbreaking results.

As fans eagerly anticipate Slash’s upcoming visit to Argentina, they can look forward to experiencing his legendary guitar skills and witnessing firsthand the impact of his musical legacy. Whether it’s his role in Guns N’ Roses or his solo endeavors, Slash continues to captivate audiences around the world with his undeniable talent and enduring influence in the world of rock music.

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