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Real Raccoon Skull (Cleaned and Assembled Adult American Raccoon Skull) Review

As a collector and educator, I was thrilled to discover the Real Raccoon Skull. Each skull is entirely unique, measuring approximately 4 inches in length and 3 inches in width at the widest part. The natural off-white bone color and the fully re-assembled bones and teeth make it a remarkable piece for collectors and educators alike.


  • The skull was very clean and complete, showcasing the high-quality professional cleaning and assembly process.
  • Great for collectors and teachers, serving as a valuable educational tool and a wonderful addition to any skull collection.
  • Securely glued pieces make it suitable for young science enthusiasts and as rustic woodland home decor.


  • Some may find the product to be too niche for general use.
  • While the product is well-assembled, handling delicate items like this may not be suitable for everyone.

Overall, the Real Raccoon Skull is a fascinating and well-crafted piece that serves as an educational tool, collector’s item, and unique home decor. Its quality and uniqueness make it a standout product for those interested in natural history and science.

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