Real Madrid’s Request for Leny Yoro


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Real Madrid has been considering bringing a central defender to the team a year earlier than planned. The original plan was to wait until the summer of 2025, but injuries and uncertainties about player recoveries have prompted the search for a new defender sooner. Nacho’s contract is also ending, and the team has offered him a new contract without a response so far.

The top choice for Real Madrid is 18-year-old Leny Yoro from Lille. The team has made initial inquiries, but the price set by Lille, around 60 million euros, is considered too high. Yoro is a promising center back, and his performance in Ligue1 has caught the attention of Real Madrid.

The recent tie against Atl├ętico de Madrid has raised concerns about the team’s defense, especially after injuries to Militao and Alaba. The club believes that the squad has responded well to challenges throughout the season, but the injuries have highlighted the need for a new defender.

Real Madrid has chosen to invest in young talents for the long term, and Yoro fits into this strategy. He has shown great potential as a center back and has also played on the right side. Despite his young age, Yoro has already played 32 games in the French first division and is a key player for Lille.

Yoro’s value is estimated at 25 million euros, and he is considered one of the most promising young center-backs. Real Madrid is impressed with his potential but is cautious due to the high asking price set by Lille. The club is waiting to see if an agreement can be reached.

In the meantime, Yoro continues to impress with his performances, and there is speculation that he could soon make the leap to the senior French national team. Real Madrid remains interested in Yoro but is also exploring other options. The club’s sports management is optimistic about Yoro’s potential but is also considering other factors, including the asking price and the current relationship with Yoro’s agent.

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