Real Madrid’s latest transfer news: no new signings


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Real Madrid has once again decided not to participate in the winter transfer market to sign new players. The club’s president, Florentino Pérez, and his team do not see the value in making big signings during this period, believing that important moves are best made in the summer rather than in a rushed manner in January.

Despite the current situation, with two key center-backs, Militao and Alaba, injured, the club has chosen not to panic and seek reinforcements. Instead, they have opted to place their trust in the existing squad and the imminent return of Militao from injury.

Since Alaba’s injury, the central position has been filled by Rüdiger, Nacho, Tchouameni, and Carrillo in the Cup. Real Madrid has not made any winter market signings for the past five years, with the last addition being Brahim Díaz in 2019 from Manchester City. Although it took some time, Díaz has become an important player for the team.

In previous years, players like Martin Odegaard, Diego López, Adebayor, Cassano, and Gravesen were also signed in January, but the current board, led by Florentino Pérez, has shown a reluctance to make winter signings.

The club’s philosophy is to focus on long-term planning and not to make hasty decisions in the winter market. They believe in the strength of the existing squad and prefer to make significant moves in the summer. This approach has been consistent with their strategy in recent years, and they continue to place their trust in the current team to achieve success.

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