Real Madrid’s Frightening Defensive Section in Europe


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This season, Real Madrid has discovered a valuable asset in set pieces. Carlo Ancelotti has entrusted his son Davide with the responsibility of maximizing the team’s strategy board. “It is my work team that prepares set pieces,” the Italian coach revealed. The second coach is in charge of preparing the strategic plays that have helped Real Madrid secure 9 of their last 12 points.

The set piece has become the ‘secret weapon’ of the team, thanks to Davide Ancelotti and Francesco Mauri, who have shaped the squad’s superiority in this area due to the quality of their throwers and aerial power. Real Madrid stands out as the best team in Spain when it comes to attacking and defending set pieces, having not conceded a goal in a strategic play, a feat unmatched by any other team in the top five leagues.

In LaLiga, Real Madrid has had 58 set-piece chances and has not allowed any goals from them. In contrast, Girona, the current leader, has conceded 6 goals from set pieces with 65 attempts, and Barcelona has conceded 3 goals in 53 opportunities. Real Madrid’s defensive strength and solidity in set pieces are a result of the meticulous work being done at Valdebebas.

The team’s “work team” is responsible for analyzing opponents to identify their strengths and weaknesses in set pieces, both in defense and attack. This meticulous planning has helped Real Madrid dominate LaLiga and instill fear in the rest of the teams in the top five leagues.

Real Madrid’s defensive strategy on set pieces involves anticipating the opponent’s movements to minimize damage. Strategy sessions at Valdebebas simulate what players will encounter with rival finishers, and video sessions play a vital role for key players like Rüdiger, Nacho, Tchoauméni, and Joselu.

Overall, Real Madrid’s success in set pieces is a result of comprehensive planning, meticulous analysis, and strategic training, which has set them apart from their rivals and helped them maintain their dominance in LaLiga.

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