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Real Madrid fans were ecstatic with the 0-0 draw in the 94th minute. On the first day of the group stage, they were pushing as if it were the Champions League final. The team has known since the start of the season that they do not have enough goals and will have to suffer. The signing of Joselu has been successful, but Benzema and Asensio need to step up when it comes to scoring goals. The team lost 45 points at once and the big replacement was postponed until next summer. The plan seems perfectly laid out and the wait will be worth it. This season, the Madrid player has to suffer in the games, because there will be few wins. The team is in the hands of Jude and Vinicius.

Real Madrid (1) – Union Berlin (0): summary, result and goals of the Champions League match. Against Union Berlin, the whites did not play their best game, but they created plenty of chances to win. Just like in the first five league games, almost all of them won by the minimum. With the team’s hunger and the quality of almost all its players, it should be able to fight in the League and the Cup and pass the first phase of the Champions League without problems. What does have a solution is the management of the center of the field. This is where Ancelotti has to squeeze all his resources and get the best out of the team. For now he insists on Tchouamni, who is not getting off the ground, and leaves Kroos aside a little more. Kroos should not rotate so much. He is settling into Madrid, especially Ancelotti, and in the world of football the belief that Kroos is a player on his last legs when he is only 33 years old and has hardly any injuries. Perhaps he is to blame for saying at the time that he would not have a long career. The reality is that with the talk that he is a veteran player he is playing much less than he should. Kroos should be the undisputed starter in this Real Madrid team. He is the player who has the blueprints for the team, the one who best knows how to move and direct it. Dosing him from time to time is fine, but leaving him on the bench every now and then is a mistake. When Kroos plays, Madrid is much better. He proved himself again against Union Berlin. And, we repeat, he is in fullness. He is only 33 years old and has never been fast on his legs, his ability is his head speed. He is still number 1 in his position.

Rdiger steps forward. There is no doubt that the German defender was a great signing. Let’s remember, at zero cost. The team’s second Toni has taken a step forward after Militao’s injury and has become the leader of the defense, to the point that the defender who moves to the left back when Nacho plays is Alaba. Rdiger, who is a natural leader, has assumed command of Madrid’s defense and is doing wonderfully at the start of the season. Great game against Union Berlin. Rodrygo has to be Rodrygo, not Vini. The Brazilian has been left without a goal since he scored in San Mams, but that is not the worst. The worst thing is that he seems more pressured and individualistic, as if since Vini’s injury he had been forced to assume the entire weight of the attack. He speaks well of his desire to put the team on his back, but that anxiety to score and resolve in each play is leading him to make wrong decisions on the field of play. Rodrygo has to go back to being Rodrygo and forget about being Vinicius and even Benzema.

Union fans missed a historic moment. Union Berlin fans traveled en masse to the Santiago Bernabu. They bought 3,000 tickets and if it were up to them they would have filled the Madrid stadium. In fact, the IPs were touched to prevent a massive purchase of tickets from Germany. Normally, it was the first game of his life in the Champions League and at the Bernabu. The debut in the Champions League, however, was paid more by the fans than the players. And the Germans arrived at the stadium just an hour and a half early and were unaware that they had to go through demanding security measures. A total of 600 had to listen to the Champions League anthem on Rafael Salgado Street, desperate for not being able to enter the stadium at game time. I’m sure it won’t happen to them again.

Sami Khedira, a champion enjoying the Bernabu. Sami Khedira, European champion with Madrid and world champion with Germany, was in the stands at the Santiago Bernabu, in addition to many other things. He is also the brother of Rani, a Union player who missed the game due to injury, and a commentator for Dazn. Well, even Sami, who knows what it’s like to play on the Bernabu grass, was impressed by the new stadium. He told us that there is no such course in Europe and that only some in the United States can overshadow it. Then, he says, there is the history of the club and that already makes it unmatched. We must pay attention to good old Khedira, a great commentator in Germany who has great projects in mind.

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