Real Madrid requests LaLiga funds from clubs


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Real Madrid recently attended a conference organized by LaLiga in Tarragona to discuss the Liga Impulso plan. The purpose of their visit was to request information from LaLiga regarding the exact amount that each club receives for various contracted services such as sponsorships, rental of spaces, billboards, advertising supports, and friendly matches. Real Madrid believes that this information should be public and transparent for everyone.

Despite repeated requests, LaLiga has consistently refused to provide this information to Real Madrid. The club is concerned about the lack of transparency and worries that the money paid for these services is deducted from the distribution that should be shared among all clubs. LaLiga’s excuse for not sharing this information is that it is discussed in meetings that Real Madrid does not attend. However, Real Madrid has instructed its legal team to attend all LaLiga meetings, even those that do not directly concern them.

The lack of transparency on this issue has raised serious concerns for Real Madrid. They believe that LaLiga may force them to go to court in order to access this information. In addition to the transparency issue, Real Madrid is also opposed to the Impulso project, which they consider to be illegal and harmful to LaLiga and its solvency.

Real Madrid is committed to seeking transparency and fairness within LaLiga, and they are prepared to take legal action to ensure that they have access to the information they believe should be public and transparent for all clubs. The club is determined to address this issue and will continue to advocate for transparency and fairness within LaLiga.

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