Real Madrid Reaches Two League Finals with Sixth Score


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Real Madrid is on a roll, winning their sixth consecutive game in the League and gearing up for two crucial matches against Atlético and Girona. After their latest victory at the Coliseum, Ancelotti’s team has regained the top spot in the standings, with six straight wins in the domestic championship. This is the best league streak of the season for Madrid, surpassing their previous record of five wins at the start of the competition.

Getafe was the first stop on Madrid’s 10-day journey to the title. The team visited a field where no team had won in the League, with the pressure not to fail before facing the two ‘finals’ against Atlético and Girona. Real Madrid has only lost one game so far in the League, and that was back in September. Since then, they have been undefeated in the domestic championship for 129 days, with 13 wins and three draws.

The Bernabéu fortress has been almost impenetrable, with only Girona managing to resist. Despite this, Girona remains firmly in the fight for the title. The same cannot be said for Atlético and Barcelona, who have given in to the spectacular results of both Real Madrid and Girona. As leaders, Real Madrid is 10 points ahead of both Atlético and Barcelona, with a significant cushion of points.

With Atlético and Barcelona having to visit the Santiago Bernabéu, where Real Madrid has only given up one draw so far this season, the team is in a strong position to maintain their lead in the standings. They have also been successful in resolving the rest of their home commitments between the League and the Champions League, with 11 victories. The upcoming face-to-face match at the Santiago Bernabéu will be crucial in determining the outcome of the title race.

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